ePS eMarketplace For Suppliers

You may be considering joining the ePS eMarketplace for CPP. As a small business ourselves, we understand the importance of making informed business decisions, and respect that you need factual information in making this choice. Here are the facts:
  • There are more than 200 federal agencies, thirty of those have already adopted GSA’s CPP
  • Since the 2021 launch, agency spend through the CPP has increased over 500%
  • The top five categories of product spend include: IT peripherals, office equipment and supplies, office furniture, domestic appliances and supplies, and apparel and luggage
  • The Government Accountability Office advised GSA that they missed their target for small business spend on the CPP
  • Of the eight platforms awarded a GSA CPP contract, only one has a mission to help other small businesses grow….the ePS eMarketplace.

Do You Qualify?

We are looking for US-based small business suppliers who sell or resell commercially off-the-shelf products in any of the government wide categories. We define a small business as a company whose revenue is under $1B and has less than 500 employees. An active SAM.gov registration is required.

How Do You Participate And What Does It Cost?

All suppliers must subscribe to ePS eConnect, the software utilized to transact with federal agencies shopping on the ePS eMarketplace. To review the ePS eConnect subscription agreement, click here to download a “Read Only” copy.
There is an implementation fee, an annual subscription fee, and a supplier transaction fee.
  • $250 implementation fee – one time fee!
  • $750 annual subscription fee – billed annually!
  • 9% supplier transaction fee
To request a subscription agreement or learn more, please email sales@eprosvcs.com

What Is The Onboarding Process?

Below are the simple steps to complete your onboarding. After you have completed steps one through four, an implementation specialist will be assigned to finalize your onboarding. This typically takes one to two weeks to complete.
  1. Sign an ePS eConnect Subscription Agreement. This includes a secure payment form to pay for the implementation and annual subscription fee.
  2. Fill out your supplier profile. This includes your SAM.gov information and uploading a capability statement.
  3. Provide your catalog content. If you resell products from one of the ePS integrated national distributors, this step is not needed. If you don’t resell products from one of the ePS integrated national distributors, you will complete this Catalog Content Template.
  4. Provide your catalog pricing and/or margin rules. You will complete this Catalog Pricing Template and/or Margin Rules Template.
  5. Get trained. You can attend a recurring training session, watch training videos, or read training guides.
  6. Go Live. Your implementation specialist will let you know when you’re launched and ready to receive orders.
Do not send onboarding information to ePS. You will be provided with a secure link to populate your supplier profile and upload the required documents and templates after you sign an agreement.