ePS eMarketplace For Federal Agencies

If you are interested in adopting the ePS eMarketplace for CPP, please visit GSA’s website or contact ePSCPP@eprosvcs.com.
ePS boasts over a decade of federal acquisition expertise, offering an eMarketplace stocked with five million+ commercial products spanning key government categories. With a focus on small business, AbilityOne, and Green product offerings, the ePS eMarketplace features 98% of suppliers as small business resellers, and 100% of the suppliers are US-based, SAM.gov registered and 889 certified.  

Why Choose The ePS eMarketplace?

We are pro-small business….really. Until now, options for GPC micro-purchases under GSA’s CPP have been dominated by one provider….one very large provider. We say, “share the wealth” and diffuse the spend to small businesses across the United States. Small businesses make up the backbone of our economy. Your spend not only helps produce a positive economic impact and strengthens the communities where these small businesses reside, but also creates a more diverse, vibrant, competitive, and innovative supply chain.
We believe in a commitment to “tools, not rules” – the procurement and finance rules an agency must follow are built into the ePS eMarketplace. This equates to cost savings, less time spent purchasing, and more time spent fulfilling the mission of the agency.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to identify small businesses – All socio-economic statuses are covered in the eMarketplace. Small business suppliers who are certified by SBA have a special badge, and socio-economic designations are displayed, giving buyers the ability to filter their search results by any socio-economic status.
  • Broad array of product offering – More than 5M products across major government-wide categories.
  • Easy to access 889 representation forms – Forms are posted in the eMarketplace and automatically emailed to the buyer; either way, no need to chase down a form from the supplier.
  • Easy to find AbilityOne products – Available at the click of a button or through filtering search results. The ePS eMarketplace enforces FAR compliance by blocking Essentially-the-Same items and substituting with the AbilityOne alternatives.
  • Share a cart feature– Allow non-cardholders to do their market research, build a shopping cart, and then send to a card holder for order placement.
  • Ease of reconciliation of credit card statements – The GPC Reconciliation Report is available for any date range, allowing line-item level reconciling of each invoice to charges on the GPC.
  • Products badges – AbilityOne, Green or TAA compliant products are badged, and search results can be filtered for these items.
  • Relevant search – Produces on-target search results.
  • Easily manage cardholders – Shoppers and buyers who require access can be created, edited, and disabled one at a time or through data uploads.
If you are interested in adopting the ePS eMarketplace for CPP, please visit GSA’s website or contact ePSCPP@eprosvcs.com.