NDVSB Programs

Our Federal Program

We know how difficult it is to try to do business with the federal government. Our path for our small business suppliers is to help them enter federal government acquisitions through single purchases on the government purchase card (GPC). This can lead our small businesses to larger acquisition vehicles….purchase orders to blanket purchase agreements to contracts and beyond. Our small business suppliers do not need a GSA schedule to gain visibility or new business from the federal government. Instead, our small business suppliers have joined the NDVSB/AAFES eMarketplace – an eMarketplace for federal government buyers that is exclusive to small business product and service suppliers with all types of socioeconomic statuses.

Our Private and Public Sector Program

For almost 20 years, NDVSB has helped hundreds of enterprise customers in the public and private sector meet their diversity spend goals by aligning our small business suppliers with opportunities that provide revenue growth. We help our small business suppliers enter private and public sector procurement programs or supplier diversity programs through single purchases on corporate credit cards or pCards. This can lead the small business to visibility and experience they can leverage to pursue additional bid and contract opportunities. Our small business suppliers have joined the NDVSB eMarketplace – an eMarketplace for private and public sector buyers that is exclusive to small business product and service suppliers with all types of socioeconomic statuses.

Benefits for Suppliers:

  • Gain instant visibility to federal government, private, and public sector buyers
  • Build past performance with new customers
  • Grow your businesses without adding resources
  • Offer an unlimited number of SKUs
  • And much more!

Qualifications and Supplier Survey

We are looking for small business suppliers who sell products and services spanning over 20 different categories. All purchases are B2B. Help us learn more about your business and understand if you are a fit for the Federal or Private and Public Sector Program by filling out our supplier survey.

You can also contact us directly at sales@ndvsb.com.

Feedback from Suppliers

“Saitech Inc is honored to have the opportunity to do business with the Army through the NDVSB eMarketplace. Our partnership has contributed to grow our federal business’s and also allowed us to play a vital role in supporting our nation’s defense efforts. Working with Army buyers has been a seamless and rewarding experience, and we look forward to continuing to provide high-quality IT products/services that meet the Army’s unique needs. We are especially proud to offer AbilityOne products that support wounded veterans and people who are blind & differently abled. Thank you for your continued support to this noble federal program.”

Sam Sharma, Vice President

“As a certified military spouse-owned small business, having the opportunity to be recognized and do business with the U.S. Army has been nothing short of a game-changing for our company and the military family members we employ. For more than 20 years, I proudly supported my late husband’s Navy career at the expense of my own. I raised our children, moved our family 11 times with the Navy, and built programs to strengthen our military families. As a widow with two boys, Rosie’s Supply Corps allows us to continue that mission of support by providing our military community with the products they need and outstanding state-side customer support.”

Stephanie Brown, CEO/Founder
Rosie’s Supply Corps

“Our collective partnership with the Army and NDVSB has been extremely valuable. Many businesses small and large have been harshly and severely impacted due to the effects of the Pandemic over the last few years. Business through this channel enables Army buyers to make purchases with small businesses such as ours while also keeping business local. We appreciate the opportunity to continue to work with our Army customers through NDVSB.”

Gail Wojciechowski, President & CEO
The Office Group

“Please allow this letter to serve as a letter of thanks and appreciation for the opportunity this program has allowed us in doing business with the Army bases. As a strong proponent of local purchasing, I know the value of purchasing from local businesses: it allows us to invest more back into our economy, keeping our tax bases strong! This program has allowed us to expand into the federal marketplace and support our army bases, allowing them to take care of what business they need to get the job done! Being a vendor in the eMarketplace allows for a feeling of pride, knowing we support our troops, just a small way of saying “thank you for your commitment and support to our nation, now let us serve you. We know the commitment of our government in supporting the blind and disabled, and are proud Ability One product providers, as well. With our government helping small, local businesses grow, we see our government “walking the walk” and standing beside us. Thank you again for this opportunity through the eMarketplace, and for the opportunity to support our Army bases.”

Christina Powell, President/Owner
Pencil Cup Office Products, Inc.

“Selling on NDVSB has been a tremendous boost for our company. The platform’s connection to government buyers and its commitment to transparency and compliance make it a trusted and efficient marketplace. It has opened doors to a substantial market segment and allowed us to serve our government clients with continued excellence.”

Ryan Arduini, Contract Administrator-Government Sales
Premier and Companies

“I am writing on behalf of E.B. Green Consulting’s to share our invaluable experience participating as an NDVSB IT vendor in the Army First Stop Program. Since our inclusion in the program, it has been a remarkable journey. The opportunity to collaborate and do business with various Army bases has been nothing short of extraordinary. Not only did this partnership enable us to understand the unique IT requirements of the Army better, but it also positioned us to be a preferred choice for many bases. Economically, the impact on our IT reseller business has been profound. We’ve seen a tremendous surge in our sales volume, expanded our professional network, and, most importantly, felt a deepened sense of purpose in supporting the Army’s IT endeavors. Our inclusion in this program has fortified our position in the NDVSB eMarketplace and has been instrumental in propelling our growth trajectory. Although there has been a bit of a learning curve, the EPS platform is streamlined, user-friendly, and efficient. It allowed us to interact seamlessly with Army purchase card holders, cater to their needs swiftly, and ensure timely delivery of our IT solutions. The feedback mechanism in the eMarketplace has also been immensely helpful. It has provided us with real-time insights from the buyers, which we have incorporated to better our offerings. In conclusion, our partnership with the Army First Stop Program has been a pivotal chapter in E.B. Green Consulting’s story. We are truly grateful for the trust placed in us and remain committed to delivering top-notch IT solutions to the Army. We eagerly look forward to fostering this association further and exploring newer avenues of collaboration.”

Eugene Green, Principal Consultant and President
Clearscope Technology Solutions

“I just wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for our partnership with NDVSB. It has been incredibly valuable to us. The collaboration we have formed over the years has proven to be extremely valuable, especially considering the challenging times businesses, big and small, have faced due to the Pandemic. The support of NDVSB enables buyers to make purchases from small businesses like ours and has been instrumental in keeping our business afloat. It provides much-needed revenue but also helps to support local businesses. We truly appreciate the opportunity to continue working with our customers through NDVSB”

Benjamin Wynn, CEO
Wynn Innovations

“The opportunity to work and partner with the Army and Air Force has been extremely fulfilling. Having successfully processed and delivered multiple emarketplace orders we have a proven track record of reliability and we work for our buyers to get the best valued products. As a minority and small business owner we are thankful that NDVSB has given us an equal opportunity to grow our business.”

Shreya Chhagan
JPH Procurement

“The NDVSB/AAFES eMarketplace/Army First Stop Program has been an awesome experience for us here at Entourage Cleaning Services LLC. This is our first experience using eMarketplace, but the ease of access makes managing orders very easy. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with the Army through NDVSB. Thank you!”

Marcus Williams, Operations Manager Entourage Cleaning Services LLC