The National Diversity Veteran Small Business Programs

Our NDVSB programs leverage our all-inclusive, one size does not fit all, eMarketplace that aligns Veteran, Diversity, and Small Business products and service Suppliers with the Private and Public sector Buying Organizations.

Our mission is to build stronger diverse small businesses through technology that automates and streamlines business processes, providing increased revenue opportunities and scalability to compete within large Private Enterprise and Public Sector accounts.

Message from NDVSB CEO:

It has been far too long that our small business partners are second or third in line for new business opportunities. Now more than ever our small business partners need to have the technology and the networking to grow their businesses. 

Other Federal eMarketplaces have scale and mass but have a “one and done approach.

NDVSB is grass roots. 

NDVSB builds capacity and resiliency with intention. Our goal is to align public policy (behaviors and buying patterns) by using NDVSB eMarketplace as the vehicle to provide small business growth across the USA”

“Whatever you do, do it with all your might”

Our Leaders